In a previous article, I described the process of building Flipping Cards, a language learning app that was also my very first mobile app development project.

One of the long-awaited features of this app was Challenge Mode, where the user can test his knowledge in a quiz-like interface: given the English word, the user has to type it in German, articles included.

While sketching the UI for this mode, I realized that a simple input text was not going to be very user-friendly: first of all, in the case of a noun, you are supposed to type the article and…

I recently published on my Instagram profile a couple of videos where I was playing some tunes on guitar or ukulele. Since I wanted the audio to sound as good as possible I decided to record it separately, wiring the instrument directly to the Mac via an audio interface and using the iPhone camera only for the video. The idea was to then put everything together (iPhone video + audio track recorded in GarageBand) and voilà: done.

Sounds easy right?
Well, turned out that it wasn’t.

Given the very basic video editing needs, I decided to use iMovie. So I…

As an Italian living in Berlin, I’m attending German classes, where I was introduced to the concept of flashcards for memorizing words that we learned during lesson. The idea is incredibly simple: you write down the newly learned German word on a piece of paper, and then on the back-side of it you write the translation in your native language. Then, when you have a collection of cards, you train your memory: just put them on the table with the English (or, in my case, Italian) side up, pick one and try to remember the German translation for it. Then…

In one of my recent projects I realized, just before launching, that the website was not rendered at all in some non-modern browsers. Specifically, I tested on an old iPad running Safari on iOS 9.3.5 (which I keep exactly for testing purposes) and on an emulation of IE11. The final result was the same: a blank page. This surprised me because in the early stages of the project, the page was rendered properly even on these devices. I checked the mobile Safari console and found this error:

SyntaxError: Unexpected keyword ‘const’. Const declarations are not supported in strict mode.


Antonio Cosentino

Full-Stack Developer and Musician, based in Berlin.

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